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Welcome to CodeComply.com

You can access the consultant here:
Free BETA 2000/2003/2006 IBC and 2007 CBC Online Consultant

The list of features are:
1. Occupancy descriptions
2. Occupancy separation wall ratings (including all exceptions)
3. Accessory use areas (including all exceptions)
4. The type of construction
5. A simple building diagram with distances to property lines (this will be updated soon.)
6. Area increases based on a fire sprinkler and frontage increases
7. Non-separated ratios per floor
8. Separated ratios per floor
9. Total building area verification
10. Total building height in stories verification
11. Total building height in feet verification
12. Fire resistive elements
13. Incidental Use Areas

The current versions are:
1. 2000 International Building Code
2. 2003 International Building Code
3. 2006 International Building Code
4. 2007 California Building Code

You can report errors on the CodeComply Blog here:
CodeComply Blog

My name is Mark McMillin, P.E. and I am launching CodeComply.com to help my users with all of their International Building Code questions. You can think of this as "TurboTax for the International Building Code". I have been working as an Authority Having Jurisidiction for 6 years. I have a new 2007 California Building Code version ready to answer all of your questions about the new CBC. This will reduce your time required for a building code report from 4-8 hours down to 5-10 minutes. Please test the website and provide any feedback you would like. I am tweaking this to create a final version.

I believe Architects, Engineers, AHJs and Cost Estimators will be extremely interested in this product. I see the frustration and questions that many of these individuals encounter when reading the Building Code on a daily basis. They often pay Consultants hundreds of dollars to do a report similar to what is done on this website. This will save my users time and money. If any of my users have a presentation forum I would love to give a presentation. Thank you for your time!

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